She was no longer the Thinker or the Dreamer.
She was the discoverer of Eternal Oneness.

 © Copyright 2016 by Tina Johansen

Mother of a Thousand Names and
Known by None

A Transcendental Journey into Self-Realization
 © Copyright 2016 by Kannara Daniel

 Mother of a Thousand Names and Known by None

Coming Home

Supporting my body from below with hands clasped around my ankles, a marvelous force guided me through the deep and vast unknown. A wondrously wide, black, star-filled backdrop surrounded her. As I looked below towards my feet, and as my eyes met with Her's, I felt my spirit drop into Her, falling freely into the one below. I felt myself transform, absorbed and taken back— back to a place where I knew the reclaiming of what was long lost could now begin.

In and in we went, leaving mortal memories behind, and moving further from impermanence and past limited awareness. As my understanding expanded, and I relaxed into my new state, I realized that my exhalations were radiating from me in undulating waves of ecstasy. I glimpsed for a second the vastness, wherein lies Nothingness, where no ‘thing’ is perceived, no ‘thing’ made from matter, no God or light or vibration, exists — though every sense perceives — is the essence of All, the sensation of All. It swells my body, then gives birth, and releases itself. Through flow and undulation just like my breath, it keeps everything in a state of constant expansion, much like waves of consciousness moving out of from itself.”

Absolution of all sins

The Great Mother lifted me through thought and conditioning, and I was absolved of all ‘sins’ —Free of all the sins that created beliefs in pain, suffering, conflict, the pain of separation — Fear had disappeared as the Mother of a Thousand Names and Known by None, continued to bring me into Her great belly. A vision came to me of Christ’s raising of frequencies, of lifting the sins of the world, his effort to create Heaven on Earth was evident, as I was experiencing all this through Great Mother as She helped me to become aware, raising me above all my “sins” to a place where a great silence beckoned my return.. I knew then that I would eventually have to make this journey by myself one day.

The Seer in the night

I experienced a sense of peace as never before. In this new understanding of myself, I realized the truth of what freedom and love really was. The thoughts entering my mind awakened me to the Great Divine Plan that would become human living, a paradigm not quite understood by all before. From this pure consciousness, I saw with eyes open, the truth of my life, that past affects present and that my future would be bound by my old perceptions without “Her” "awareness". I began to understand the results of a thinking based on separating myself from others and life and how cause and effect were the results of actions taken without understanding the oneness, and I knew that I, could no longer hold anyone or anything responsible for my life but myself. I knew now that if my attention was on the oneness, instead of the chaos of my mind, then based on the principles of the Law of Continuity, which I now understood clearly, "awareness" would naturally make everything flow in that direction...

Karma the Merciful God

I immediately comprehended karma being right and merciful. From the total place of connection comes the understanding of all things and I knew then, that Karma was in fact, the act of living a disconnected life, living unconsciously without taking responsibility for thoughts, words or actions. Without awareness or presence, life simply results in the breeding of random behavior and events; fragmentations of its essence.  Life drawing randomly, every and all events and perceptions to itself, causing confusion and chaos leading to the appearance of being lost and being in competition with everything and everyone.

I also could see that, when I shift my belief into the oneness, and when all of my attention is centered in this one eternal place known as presence, I am connected to that force that directs life naturally and shares freely, it’s abundance and knowing of all things. I immediately sensed myself become All That Is, as I opened myself more to the sensory information that surrounds me, I felt myself naturally and completely trusting in that field of awareness, that awaited my discovery of it, realizing that it was there all along.

I was now being summoned, I sensed a gentle stirring come upon me, and recognized the calling of the Great Mother who wanted to share with me something more. She was sharing with me, that I too create life, that all beings and life forms are, in essence, mine, as well as each life emanating from that. That it was all me, that I was creation. Life was recreating itself with every one of my breaths. Each exhalation moving from me as a separate entity and with its own unique desire to discover itself, and its relationship to all. A living breath breathing consciousness.

The Journey Within

I knew that each creation or breath, would eventually return to Her, to its place or origin.  And as my consciousness expanded, I could sense so much more around me and the “Mother of A Thousand Names and Know by None”, undulated with passion and all life responded with a sigh of bliss. Once the path of self-realization had begun, I knew that each Being would make their return — back home, to Her . . just like I was doing now.

The Mother of All That, left me to the quietness of my own precious self. And as she subsided into herself, she released a soft pink stream of light that reached my awareness, and she triggered a memory in me of being just that, soft as light. I then heard the harmonies from the heavens, whispers of sounds that kept Heaven and all of creation in a state of Grace, I felt I had come home. The voices seemingly emanating from one voice, though tones rose and fell in perfect harmony.

The Great Omniness

And ribbons of light emerged from the sounds, and light waves flowed to me and through me in all directions and I exploded in a cosmic wave of passion, rejoicing in my own experience of expansion throughout creation. Great Mother wasn't quite finished yet.. And so She exhaled once more, this time light turned to darkness and my awareness changed again, Great Mother drew me back into herself back into a space where no form or light existed, only vibration. This Great Void, where I would hear the answers to my lifelong questions, of who I was, why I was and the truth of All That Is. As I merged with this space, I was aware of the eternal pulse that creates time, structure, and space. I was quickly realizing that all thought experienced the perspective of expansion.

And from within, she called again, this time from her place of origin, I was aware of being led to the source of what lied beyond vibration. Great Mother then shared with me that I came not from form, nor from light, nor sound, and not from vibration, but from Her Great Belly, from the Mother of a Thousand Names and Known by None, mother of all sons and daughters, of all creation, existing before light and before manifestation. In this darkness — this stillness, lies the warmth and comfort and Her greatness, that exists only within this space of eternity. Here duality, separation of mind has no meaning and therefore exist not.

As I looked into the vast darkness, a magnificent vacuum like sensation drew me in. I was ‘home’, like a child I returned to my mother’s breast, nuzzling in comfort and solace, never to remember anything else. Observer and observed then merged in full awareness and separation was no more.

Meeting of the Souls

From this place, awareness is, for all that had ever existed or will ever exist was birthed here. All that needs to be known, all that will be known, and felt is freely shared here, in all space, in all timelessness and with all existence. This is the place where she (Kannara) was created, where all creation began, and from this space came forth her strength, her will, her power. It was the place where all of existence, all thought, all vibration, merged with the Divine. Where it all starts and to where it all returns.

The Emergence of Self

Here, Beings came together as One. In One knowledge, One divinity, One form; the formless. The long awaited union of separate selves, reunited with universal power existing in the harmony that is ever present.. No longer a memory but a felt wholeness, though a knowing that she (Kannara) could not stay here, that it was not her time to be her fully, to remain was not the mission or purpose of her journey. There was much more to do, which was to reemerge into the physical and complete her journey of awakening on earth. She would live the path, of kindness, love, understanding and sharing of herself as the Great Mother did with her.

It was then, that I heard a calling, much like the one I heard coming  from the Great Mother, but this time, it was coming from my lower, human self. A yearning to be with myself was so overwhelming, to respond to the Self that still rejected her wholeness. This calling to love was so clear that it began to pull me away from where I was, drawing my focus and attention back to my body, back to Earth. Without a hesitation, I answered the call from lower self, the call I knew so well, how could I deny my own voice, my own heart?  I became so excited to reunite with myself, that each breath was noticed by all and all was aware of the anticipation that was felt for this connection. I would enter into a physical marriage, the sacred union of Divine spirit and matter in full memory of my completeness. Though only a memory for this time. For memories only live in the past, but the Mother had touched me deeply where past does not exist.

And so I was pulled through the dimensions of light, sound, and downward I went until I saw herself, in body with my eyes open, searching, seeking for myself. With a gentle breath, we joined together alive.  

Unified as one, my physical and mental bodies began to awaken, and every cell in my body laughed with love and sweetness, as I felt myself as never before. I felt love as never before. And inside of me, knowledge and wisdom that was held there for so long released and every cell giving up its memories of time gone by and I saw and understood my physical journey on earth as one continual life and could see clearly how the Law of Continuity affects every path.


She is the Great Mother waiting with arms outstretched,
waiting for her children to return to her, waiting to embrace
them back into their own greatness.

A Storyteller is an individual who transports you through time and space by opening or revealing something that is not generally seen or acknowledged.  The art of the storyteller is closely related to that of the shaman, as both are able to call spirits and to see beyond the boundaries that divide ordinary life from the worlds of dreams and visions. Like shamans, storytellers have the ability to heal individuals and societies through the Art of Storytelling.

Kannara's Life Altering Experience connected her with an ancient part of herself bringing through the gifts of the "Storyteller"  As the teller, the weaver of the tale, Kannara will take you on a transformative journey into levels of consciousness, opening your centers to hear, see and perceive greater understandings of yourself through the eyes of the universe.