Kannara Daniel is a gifted intuitive therapist. After hearing my situation, Kannara chose to pick up her beautiful hand drum and sang out the grief which I had been unable to express while I sank into the arms of a soft chair, closed my eyes and drifted along with her voice, releasing my own emotions and on into a state of peacefulness. I would recommend her wise and respectful treatment sessions for anyone..


 Kannara gave sent me on a journey to discover and to receive insights into my soul's purpose in this life and that has been precious to me in making sense of my life. She is warm, full of a gentle laughter and arrived at my door to do the work because her house was under renovations. I love this kind of style: approachable and down to earth. Her process help me understand my life spanned over the next few months, to some years and helped clarify what has been going on and why. I would totally recommend her to anyone in transition or needing a deeper understanding of one's life path. Not too many mediums can follow you on your journey inward and are down to earth and authentic, but this is true of Kannara. She is gifted and will help many people ready to be helped.


“I was haunted by recurrent nightmares over the last 20 years!! It was always the same scenario… “I was glued to the bed, immobile as if a tremendous force was wrapped around me and held me tight!! I was always winding around trying to get free with no ability to scream or speak… and I actually was never able to bring out more the shallow whisper…it was terrifying, many times my husband had to wake me up in order to free me from my agony… and every time he told me oh my God, you sounded so terrified and anxious…at one point I didn’t want to fall asleep anymore, scarred that this “thing” would take custody of me again….and paralyze me and sufficate me.

And one day, my psychotherapist recommended that I see Kannara. And I’m ever so grateful that I was given the chance to meet this wonderful person. Full of Love, knowledge, light, great capacity of listening and so many things more! Whatever your needs are, I believe that she will be able to guide you through!!! If you’re willing to let go of old beliefs and grow within yourself! And so it happened, that after only 2 sessions with her, those nightmares, NEVER ever came back!!!

I am so profoundly grateful to know Kannara, as she helped me free myself completely from the terrors and 6 years later she is still my guiding presence.

With all my love and warmth!



Kannara Daniel is skilled group facilitator. She is creative, flexible and aware of the dynamics of the group as she proceeds through strategies that support a chosen theme. She collaborates effectively with the organizers of events and even within the process an event, is able to change strategies or redirect as needed. Kannara possesses a high degree of interpersonal skill, showing warmth and clarity. We at the Comox Valley Red Tent have invited her twice now to lead events for our circle of participants. We highly recommend her.


My spouse suffered terrible pains in the neck with headaches, and was not able to sleep during a week. The pains were so violent that medicines were not able to relieve her. She moaned, shouted all the time, and it hurts to see her.

I booked an appointment for her with Kannara. After the session, that was the first night when she slept without pain, and since then, she does not have pain anymore.


Dear Kannara,  words cannot convey the appreciation we have for your healing gift, nor the love we hold for you as a caring, compassionate lady.  Our gift to you, the little Angel, was made with a prayer to the Angels in every stitch, that your gift grows and expands along with the love for all beings that you so willingly share,

With love and blessings Collette and Allanah

"My several experiences with Kannara were amazing..... Not only does she know exactly what my body needs during the massage without me even telling her but she has an intuitive ability to read my body's energy and so guides me from my own bodies wisdom... She truly has the healing touch."
Lana Rhodes

The sessions I have taken with Kannara have helped to center and focus my energy in a way that is calming and gentle and have proven to be very beneficial to me. To me the outstanding insights that she "intuited" concerning issues I have needed to adress, as well as practical suggestions she has given me (such as breathing techniques) have opened me up on all levels, including psychological, mental and spiritual.

I am most excited about t he recent work we have been doing because I can feel the energy centers of my body becoming more aligned and balanced to the point where I am enjoying a greater degree of health and clarity than I have felt in a very long time.  Being in the Presence of Kannara's warmth, sense of humour, kindness and genuine guidance, I leave a session feeling lighter, more refreshed and confident that I can maintain my senses of wellbeing.



This Program exercise with Kannara resulted in enhancing my endurance to the things in life

I could not accept. It has helped me to overcome some of the demons that I've struggled with.
The exercise allows you to open doors and travel down a path of calm and serenity.  It also allows you to let go, be yourself, and feel your life sheltered by the beauties of life.   It exercises the body and well as the mind. I have only begun this program and I know that the following series will take me down paths untraveled.

I am still very calm even thought it is very stressful at work. I talk to myself and I stay calm. I feel a lot better and more happier in my life and I let nothing bother me anymore, life is too short. If only I could get that weight off it would be even better. If only I could snap my fingers and loose 70 pounds wouldn't that be great.