You will reach a fresh new perspective about who you are and your life.
You will achieve clarity about what the path really is.

You will understand the process of letting go of agendas,
expectations, beliefs, attachments and achieve a union with
the Divine that goes beyond your mind's ability to create.

You will recognize your strengths as being that quiet part of you.

You will forget about goals and desires and understand and experience yourself, plain and simple.

You will let go of your thinking and decision making skills to trust in the power

that has always been available to you. 

You will stop creating strategies that lead you to failure and distrust of your own creative power
and come into balance with life.

  Spiritual Living Counseling and Facilitation Benefits

You will stop working with your life and yourself and your future
and come into a natural harmony with it.

What can a Spiritual Living Facilitator do for you?

Help you live a purposeful life, instead of always seeking a purpose.  When you live a purposeful life, you are living from your "Awareness" and life becomes your time to explore, experience and understand and be at peace. Struggles and challenges transform to opportunities to love and to honor self.

How it works?

I facilitate the connection between you and You, helping you discover and attune to your own what has always been natural, spirit. Learn about yourself and begin to share your true qualities of what it means to be coming from silence.

By understanding and focusing on permanence, you will begin to let go of the attachment of things that are temporary in your life and begin to make different choices all around.  When you understand the Law of Continuity, you understand clarity and how the actions.  The doing becomes less and less and the flowing becomes more and more.  Learning to build on love and compassion so that every other moment is built on feelings of peace that will change everything at a fundamental level. 

I will help you find your passion to live a life that is bigger than what you've been living and with much more freedom, love and joy.

You will have the courage to look at yourself, understand your emotions as tools for your surrender ~ and to love them and see what a gift they have been as they all come for your learning. They will be transformed into something beautiful, for they are all very important keys to your ascension.  Imagine finding your purpose through your unresolved issues?


Learn to give this to yourself and share with others when you discover the true joy of living your life and not existing  from it.

My personal mission as Your Spiritual Living Facilitator:

To help you once again view the world as a source of flow and endless possibilities, a place that is loving and kind with lots of magic, so that you can feel your life as the one you've always dreamed of, but better because it's here and real.

During my  Spiritual Life Coaching sessions, you will receive; guidance, support and the clear knowing of who you are and deepen the belief in yourself, and in your own inner power. You will even begin to trust in your Self and eventually stop putting your eggs in the world's basket. I intend to see you and hold you in a field of perfection that you are. This powerful intention, releases a wave of love that activates resonance with your own Soul.

Spiritual Life Coaching sessions can be done in person or on the phone, whichever works best for your schedule or geographic location. Coaching may be done one-on-one or in small groups. Each session is designed to help you understand where your personal goals come from.


Kannara Daniel,

Shamanic Priestess , Certified Metaphysical Practionner, Ordained Metaphysical Minister (Non-denominational Minister), Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B. Msc, Certified  RH/QHHT Hypnotherapist, Living Soul Resonance Creator, Body-Soul Fusion Transmissions, Channel for the Divine,  Author and muse, Workshop Facilitator, Life Coach and Daughter of the 7th daughter of the 7th daughter.

I am aware of most religions in the world and  respects all paths to Higher Consciousness.
As awaremess, my only "goal" is to guide you to attain a harmonious balance in your life.

Frequently emotional issues and confusing situations are the result of a dis-connection between one's heart and the mind. The mind takes over with fears and others opinions creating confusion and disharmony in the body and in the personal life. A Spiritual Living Coach, can help one sort out and rediscover and reconnect you with your true self - what was always there, though hidden. 

The Spiritual Life Coaching program offers on-going assistance over a period of time which is pre-determined by you to reach your Highest Potential this lifetime.  Through hypnotherapy, readings, meditations, journeying and conscious daily reminding, you will explore your own consciousness,, you will move quickly and easily, as you release the perceptions you have about fears, blocks, resistances and understand how they are here as keys for your ascension and spiritual development.  Through the journeys that you will experience in your own awareness, you will come to realize that you not only have enough but that you are enough.

Spiritual Living Mentorship Program

According to " The Teachings From the Tree"

Helping you to set up your personal practice on a daily basis with a Personally Guided Meditations to start your day. I will suggest exercises based on the information given to connect to Source throughout the day and maintain a healthy balance of energies throughout your day and week. Each day will become sacred, as you learn to listen to yourself and be guided to the right information that will make your life more meaningful and satisfying. You will learn to offer love in all of your relationships and change how you feel  about each one as you step into a world that is loving. Your world.!

Whether you decide to register for the one month program or the six month program, you will have the opportunity to discover your relationship with yourself and spirit through the following:


We will be working with all information given by Your Guides and Soul

 during these sessions to live a purposeful life

with Your own spiritual path.

If you’re looking to make rapid expansive shifts in your life we can meet once a week. If you prefer time to process and integrate your newly learned skills twice a month might be best. Choose to customized your coaching package to let you move at the pace that best meets your needs.  You will also receive guided work throughout the program to refresh your sense of self.

Email me and we will customize a package that meets your personal goals, objectives and financial requirements.

Spiritual Living Mentorship Programs:: You will also have access to group meditations and discussions, which you can choose to continue after your program.  Or you can just buy into a membership program of $40.00 per month to be part of growing community of friends, where you will have access to meditations, webinars and be part of a discussion forum.

Hypnotherapy sessions: approx 2-3 hours

Private Sessions: Based on deepening your experience

Transcendental Meditations: Uniquely guided information for you to listen to daily.