Journeys into the Tree:

Personal guided journeys to establish self into the oneness of all.

Tammy offers talks on receiving your life and facilitates journeys to deepen your understanding of self, assisting you to discover and connect with the parts of you that are ready to heal.   She teaches classes in Building your Energy Body, Creating Connection, The Meaning and Importance of your Chakras.  She guides you through the core of your being through meditational and one on one sessions to heal the Body, Mind,Heart, and Spirit. 

She invites those hurt and broken parts of Self into a felt sense of acceptance,  where peace can be remembered rather than the inner conflict.  Rediscover your love for life and your trust in yourself when you create 
new relationships with the parts that you’ve hidden away for safekeeping until they could return – but this time with understanding and by shedding a new light on old ways.

Tammy will guide you through a process to come to a conscious mutual agreement between the mind, body, and spirit.

Mind:  Working with the mind

We work the mind that judges, condemn and attacks every part of self, questioning and never ceasing to diminish or belittle the self.

I facilitate a dialogue with your inner critique with the intention of creating a peaceful resolution between all parts of yourself so that you can leave conflict out of your body and out of your life and come into harmony with your dreams and desires.

Working with the Body:  Often ignored, the feeling body loses its ability to have a say in life, without the mind it has no direction, no drive, and no purpose.  Much like a dense energy mass, it becomes unable to make decisions. However, it can sabotage your health and wellbeing.  I will lead you to the feelings that you’ve experienced throughout this lifetime, those feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, rage, and betrayal.  Through this journey, you will learn to the process of surrendering and dying to yourself and come out trusting. You will gain a deeper understanding of your feelings and transform your knowledge of them as you come to know them as part of a greater force that was meant to guide you.  Your feelings are the key to you loving your life and fearlessly moving ahead.  You will experience how easy it is to move past what you thought were difficult places and the ability to free yourself from the patterns and conditioning and beliefs of the past.

 Spirit:  In this process, I will work with your chakras to access and retrieve the root for the cause, whether it be a disease, pain, belief or conflict within the cellular memory.  This process is a Soul Retrieval of the lost parts of self that need to be re-integrated to complete a cycle.  You will experience a reconnection to your hopes, dreams, and purpose and renew your vision of yourself and the potential of creating the life you want.  

Higher Self Massage:  Receive the love of your Higher Self through a physical integration, initiation, and Activation. 



From the point of the self, conflict, trauma, and disconnection can arise.

 From the point of Awareness, there is only one. The one without the conflict, the trauma, and disconnection.

Which do you choose?

Using Techniques given to me by Source!

Body of Philosophy; where your body shares its story.  A Story over time and space where what wants to be known and released from time comes to greet you in the present.  Old conditioning and trauma fall away.  Where what was previously hidden and buried deep comes to light for love and understanding. 

Surrendering Session:  Where a verbal facilitation takes place to hold space for your unresolved triggers, feelings and a surrendering to each occurs and neutralization takes place.  Where duality dissolves. An agreement between the body and mind takes place.

Higher Self Massage:  Allow yourself to receive through touch the energies of your Higher Self.


Arriving Sessions