One‐pointedness, expression of totality, cosmic oneness, eternal beingness

focuses at a fixed centre — a centre of total resolution to all that

has ever been created and everything that may ever be — for

everything that may ever be, once was.
Cycles upon cycles, we ride a system of patterns that display themselves

at any given point of reference. In this beingness,

we draw forth from a fixed point cycles and
events appropriate for the time continuum in which our bodies reside.

We move to the higher points of an extreme spiral, then

with concentrated effort and determined purpose we accelerate

our vibration to the next spiral, which begins new cycles of
experiences. As you move from one to the other,

you detach from past experiences and they become non‐existent

in your new reality This is when time becomes space and
new vibrations and patterns set in. Do not allow yourself to forget

that you live in a world of maya, illusion.

You simply have shifted to a higher, more finite blending of creation — that which is called timelessness, where you learn to perceive the

denser realities and can choose another dimension to exist upon.

You are indeed mastering multidimensionality. You are reading

the bands of energy. All dimensions are bands of realities,

thus you have jumped to a higher band of reality. 

There are 122 bands of existences which govern your planet. As you

move through your bands, your power of discernment increases

and you become of one mind with beings resonating on these planes

of consciousness. Your consciousness integrates with theirs. 

You now begin using the grid lines and are receiving and transmitting

information similar to an electronic highway. There you reside

until you have fully assimilated that consciousness — as you have others.

By calling forth these energies, you integrate and blend and absorb

the qualities of those vibrating in this same level of energy. Lessons are

learned in each band until you have mastered the interrelationships

offered to you from these higher perspectives. Using these energies enables

you to reach higher goals and to see the totality of life
and its meanings. It offers clarity and insight and purpose to everyday life, while
feeling the connectedness of all and recognizing the perfection of God's plan.
We greet you in peace with total openness. Walk in love, Dear One.

Essence of the "I AM"©                                                   Copyright 1996 by Kannara Daniel

Life - A Contemplation

                           © Copyright 1992 by Kannara Daniel

The Fictitious Past, the Assumed Future ALL REVOLVE around

the unforgettable I, and carries the weight of worlds in sorrow.

To lift this weight takes surrendering and presence,

an awakening to this moment; An awakening to seeing beauty at every stage of our progress, whether as an inner peace or an exterior reflection of turmoil.

The beauty that surrounds
us in each present moment exists in incredible proportion
to our easily forgotten day before and our highly speculative future.

NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE, remembering to be present in
this moment connects us with ourselves in an impressionable
way that vivifies these moments—and every other moment similarly

awakened— all becomes extremely alive in our mind and being and sets new patterns

in our subconscious that recognizes that sacredness always surrounds us;

and allowing us to remain in a state of acceptance, awe,

and surrender, so that any given moment becomes inspiring.

This inner peace allows the DNA in our cells to recreate itself

as divine material, thus giving the eternal Soul a clear

path to the physical body leading
to The Mastery of Oneself



© Copyright 2016 by Kannara Daniel

Life is a contemplation of the Soul.  On the physical plane it is the recourse

of thought, words and action. It is the culmination of all action created in harmony

with the Eternal Aum.  It is the sound of Creation resonating

through all existence giving permanence to what is.
Life is existential, a cosmic cry for experience, expressing forth from the mother

in full exaltation.  It beckons acknowledgement and for

itself to return as a reflection of its divinity.  Asking and receiving, asking

and receiving it constantly recreates spirit into matter.

  Stimulus and response, simultaneous in a dance

expressing it’s desire to be reproduced in form.               

               Originating from the One Creator, delivered from the void and corresponding with Source acknowledging in life it’s Oneness     

         One could only express what one is, a reflection

of All That Is, free, abundant and sanctified.

Could life be cosmic dream manifesting? 

Or it is an integration of the mind, simplified

by religion and culture, loosing itself and is absorbed. 

 Life for creation or destruction chooses its master;

Soul or ego but always begins anew.  One cannot separate oneself from life only

it’s connection to all things out of fear of loosing itself

and thus daily life becomes a mere representation of it’s attachments and identity.
When one is connected with Soul one becomes part of a greater substance

of matter where importance is of no consequence and

therefore moves beyond self to the Greater Dream and to the natural scheme

of originality spreading oneself into absolute,

encompassing all passages to the Self to understand the relationship

between all things for existing separate from

oneself would be defying the

Natural Laws of the Universe where all matter is interconnected. 

Omnipotent, clairvoyant, clairaudient,

multi­dimensional, pure, all knowing all seeing, all being

connected to all That Is and its I AM.

Unconditional in its love, and totally forgiving.
The only reason for being is to raise the lower body

into itself. A huge magnet pulling, attracting itself to

it's larger part so that it could exist as one, in Oneness.
Its essence permeates all life, boundless Solar energy,

working in harmony with the whole. Doubt, nor fear ever come to this

being for it has never known of see itself as separate..

all moving in simultaneous time, knowing all that occurs,

untouched by this world, yet being so connected and having such a

big part in this picture. The Soul in between cries for its connection to both,

strives to remain centered between the lower and higher poles of consciousness, being so detached from emotions only function as a unit of transference and data bank of experiences.
Its magnificence, only magnified by the lower body

of the ego. Its brilliance only surpassed by its I AM. It rests in balance,

a huge computer tipping the scale in whatever direction

needs to be strengthened or at what the

lower body desires most. Its master mind, the unconscious mind on the lower

plane and total oneness on the other.

Its Soul purpose is to bring forth the evolution of man.

In the Eye of God

© Copyright 1992 by Kannara Daniel


In my clear-mind state, my eternal self appears and presence is revealed— the presence

that knows of no particular god, no time, no life other than Life’s Essence.

Here, there is no longer a ‘you’ or a ‘me’, there is no “Other”.

Cause no longer exists. . . . The world dissolved and I walked away.
I could feel, remember, the weight of that world, see the complexities of 

my mind and all its illusory creations, witness myself as

two parts; the trapped soul and the

All That Will Ever Be, and ever existed.
I observe “my world” filled with stories — a story for every minute of my life,

built on dreams, hopes, disappointments, misunderstandings

Even many I had come to believe as ‘clear’ remain caught up

not in their clarity but in their memories of that

clarity which is no longer truth.
Time is so elusive — we have it one moment and then it is lost to eternity.

Time past makes for memories, based on perceptions,

tempting us to hold on tight to that which we don't want to loose,

believing that it is all we have and helps

us to keep our identity

In my clear-mindedness, I am free — free from confusion, stories, distortions, the past. 

I can see all my interactions occurring simultaneously, and truthfully,

and lovingly There was never any pain, just love welcoming itself in each smile,

gazes recognizing the oneness that is known,

the past no longer existing

There is now only one desire: to dive into this place again and again; 

to open myself to it, here, where no judgment lives,

where I see not others’ paradigms (for if I do, then I dare create my own) . . .

one desire: to look upon the radiance in each, knowing that

whomever I encounter, I no longer believe

in their sins  (no matter how they plead with me),

I refuse to acknowledge anything other than the truth of where they came, though I hear their 

playing of each part , a character of a plot.

.My one desire being : to remain in the Truth, in the love, in the eternity . .

And the curtain no longer can be drawn. . . .

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​​​The Fictitious Past,

the Highly Assumable Future

© Copyright 2016 by Kannara Daniel