The Gentle winds caress my hair, making

every strand come alive.
Though I cannot see her, she brings change 

and you know when she stays, you can expect

things will never be the same.
She is thought, memory and the seeds

of inspiration. She weaves patterns of light and geometrical shapes to create new waves of understanding. She is free of form and

lives without restraint.
Carefree and unattached, she combs the hills of tranquility, sometimes leaving 
nothing but destruction and barrenness.
She shows no mercy and yet she soothes

the wrinkles from my face,
and dries my tears for she is the Goddess moving

her consciousness through me.
She explores herself, measuring time with thought, waiting for the perfect moment to captivate

my dreams and seed them in

the physical realm of time.

She Lives for Change 
        © Copyright 1999 by Kannara Daniel

I rise from the soil
Covered with dirt and sand
My feet are "still"
where I was born
Arms outstretched, embracing my
first breath,
Giving thanks to the "FOUR"
Who create me
I come from the Earth
I know my worth
My body is of her
My mind flies alongside my spirit
I am here, I am there, I reach everywhere
Rich with vision, knowledge and passion
Representing all who came before me,
I AM Her

I feel myself going from one dimension, alliance, to the I was being drawn back and back into Her.  
She calls me happily to her for she loves to love. She is the endless breath, whispering my name. While I balance gently on her wing of death I feel complete love, honesty, and a full release of all that

held me together. I trust.

​​​​Kannara Daniel  
           Divine Dialogues

Devi Narandha

​                    © Copyright 1999 by Kannara Daniel

Remembering Self
      © Copyright 1999 by Kannara Daniel