Jai-Jagdeesh - In Dreams Lyrics

Know you are loved
Rest in peace
Dream your sweet dreams
"Til your soul is released

Beloved Child
My heart is yours
Beloved Child
Go out and open doors
With your love
With your faith
With your compassion
With your grace
Oh, with your grace

Beloved Child
You are the light of the world
Beloved Child
Go out, spread light to the world
Be strong, be kind, be brave
Know your mind
know that you're are divine
Know that it's alright to be afraid

Dhan Dhan Guru Ram Das






O Beloved Gaia

How I long to be the wind, to brush against her skin so smooth,

to lift up into the air and down again to ride upon the crest of my mother's milk,

enraptured by her continuous moan! 

To play with the leaves, make them fall,

and carry them upon my smile as they twirl

in delight of the warm sun,

I surround them, conscious of their delicateness,

their sharpness and suitableness laughter

How I long to be the wind, touching, surrounding, sensing, moving,

lifting, blowing, to feel my might and my sweetness ,

 caressing all of what life there is,

only knowing myself  for what I am!

My Journeys with Kannara

It is not easy to put into words what is experienced during my time with Kannara. I am so grateful to have her as traveling companion and guide as we move through my life and plum the depths of my connection to spirit. I am never sure where we will go or what I will learn of myself but I know that with her by my side I have nothing to fear and every thing to gain. Kannara has the ability to put into words and give context to what I experience as let go of the "ordinary" world and journey the Dream World through meditation. Her gentle spirit walks with me and bears witness to who I am absent of limits. Though our work/time together I have come to know Me at a very deep level and have found peace where once there was confusion, motivation where once there was fear.  I look forward to learning more.



​​​​​​Let your journey take you

back to authenticity and simplicity, 

Allowing limiting beliefs and

judgments to quieten.

As your natural wisdom emerges and 

the direction becomes clear,

Home beckons for you to return.

Tammy Julien (Kannara Daniel)

Best Selling Author

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I recently had the opportunity to work with Kannara in both group meditations and in private sessions.

We covered so much ground in a way that was natural and profound. In meditations,

Kannara speaks in a way which helped us to enter a meditative state.

While there, she took us on a beautiful journey where I found pieces

which would later fall into place with her help in private sessions. 
In private sessions, her intuition is remarkable.

She has helped me to launch into the next phase of my journey with excitement!

I am very grateful for the help, support, and healing Kannara has given me.

I look forward to working with her again soon. 


​                     Kannara Daniel

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"Working with Kannara, I had an exhilarating new experience: seeing the world through the eyes of love."
- Neall


I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars.

 I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.


​Coming Home is falling in love

with yourself