Are you ready to:

Walk into your present to surrender

to your experiences that were untouched by love?
To accept yourself exactly as you are,

negative patterns and all?
And meet them in every moment with a

willingness to die.

By diving into what is real and present we can awaken a deeper love, one that is much more freeing than the self that has been trying, pushing and working for such a long time and not arriving. 

July 2016:  

House of Now   7 - 8 pm

536A Fifth Street, Courtenay B.C. 

July 20 -  Evolution of the Soul - Balancing the Four Bodies

July 27 - Soul Resonance and the Lord of Karma

August 2016:

House of Now     7 - 8 pm

536A Fifth Street, Courtenay B.C.

August 3 -  Week 1 - Moving from The Law of Attraction to the Law of Resonance

August 10 - Week 2 – Soul Resonance Attunement and Transmissions

August 17 - Week 3 – The Breath of Life - Changing Time

August 24 - Week 4 – 3 Step Process for Self Initiation

August 31 -  Week 5 De-Bunking the Meditation and finding your natural flow 

September 2016     7 - 8 pm

House of Now

536A Fifth Street, Courtenay B.C.

Sept: 7 -  Week 6 –Letting go of the Past and Future Stories, Hopes and Expectations

Sept: 14 - Week 7 - Realizing The Field of Pure Intention

Sept 21 - Week 8 - Shamanism and hypnotherapy

Sept 28 - Week 10 – Teachings From the Tree of Life

October Red Tent Women's Circles

continue in the  yurt on the 4th Friday of each month,

September 2016 through May 2017. 

Friday, October 28, 2016   Diversity Among Women Part 2

Exploring women's experience through our various cultural backgrounds, including how we nurture our feminine connections. If you wish, bring a small object which represents your cultural background to you, or wear a scarf or item/colour of clothing that is related to your ancestry and origins. Kannara Daniel and Gloria Gietz will lead a group discussion.