Cost per sessions $80.00/hour donation


All work can be done in person, on phone or over skype.  If you would like to book a session please contact me via the form below or through skype .  Be sure to include your email address and phone number and I will forward the links for you to make your donations.  Thank you. 

Please contact me at :

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The Schumann resonance is the pulse of the magnetic field of the earth. 

The Heartbeat of Mother Earth!  

Listen to the isochronic tones to open and balance your root chakra!

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Kannara offers personal, skype and phone sessions and also sees clients in her healing space in the Comox Valley, BC

You can find her offering Shamanic Clearings, Soul Retrieval, Reiki  and other services at the Kingfisher Ocean Resort in Royston, BC and offering Meditations, Workshops and Services at Fresh Start Health Retreat, Oyster Bay, BC

Want to know more or schedule a session:  Contact me below or send me a message on skype at the following:

SKYPE name: Kannara Daniel

​Please note that for Telephone appointments, Skype or FaceTime, all donations are processed through Paypal. 
We will send the Paypal link when you confirm your appointment.