Regression Healing/Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy 
In The Knowledge and Healing
In the tradition of  Dolores Cannon and Chris Turner.

“By utilizing such a human rebirth properly and gaining control over our mind,

we can sever the root of all suffering completely”.

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Life changing events:  Past Life Regression brings understanding and healing to the many problems we face, while providing answers to our many questions . A session can reveal talents and abilities which can be brought forth in accordance with your Higher Self, and heal the past and trauma so that suffering can be released or lessened.

 A Life Retrieval Session is also life changing and offers a glimpse into your near future allowing you to see your future success and bring information and steps back to follow.  You can witness information about your life, work and personal relationships.  You can accelerate the receiving of wellness and access talents as you clear and heal along the way.

It is common to go back and forth from the past to the future to resolve, integrate and to bring in more understanding to your life and life situations.

It seems that the lives, that we view when we are in hypnosis,

 are brought to mind because they have something – some wisdom and understanding to teach us in the current life we are living allowing neutrality to set all free.

Conscious exploration through journeys

into our inner worlds is

a gentle yet powerful process,

which uses our natural mind-states to

engage inwardly, with the

‘imaginal’ or ‘ inner’ realms. In simple and

effective ways what is brought is out is the truth of each experience, of the awareness experienced thought all time . Through 

such explorations it is possible, within

our normal awareness, to come to realize ourselves as just that; awareness..


Life Retrieval Session

A Regression Healing Hypnosis

with Kannara Daniel

Going on Awareness session is much like going on an a delightful adventure, where you always get to to know yourself clearly. These gifts can be in the form of understandings and healings of particular issues, or answers to the deepest questions. Most of all you get to find yourself and know yourself as never been lost.  In awareness we, I and you, can come to a plane that is shared, where I travel with you side by side, viewing and experiencing you and I simultaneously, as awareness does not separate. You are guided to travel into timelines and timelessness to find your truth.  As one, in awareness, I can guide you deeper into each truth, asking the questions that lead you to a better understanding of yourself.

These sessions give you access to information or insights you would not normally have access to.  You meet and experience the awareness of self.  Total and Complete.  You get to know yourself in a very positive way and if it is your goal to find those lifetimes when you were an artist, singer, healer, you can see easily see how you healed, and receive vital information about your talents and abilities and if it is part of this lifetime to bring that knowledge and ability or gift back with you then this current life experience will be that much more enhanced.  Whatever question you may have you gain information, whether it be your relationships, career, family, how to better your life.  Everytime you cross over to another timeline, healing occurs to free you from all bonds and karma, and a heightened sense of awareness that wasn’t there before is felt and retained, much like clarity and a knowing of yourself. 

You can find answers to whether you should continue with the present job or learn a new skill that will bring you more fulfillment.  Best of all, you always come back with a clear sense of “being” as your greater self is felt and known, this knowing stays with you, giving you confidence, freedom and eagerness to live life with more passion.  You can even visit loved ones, speak to them and be in the presence of their love once again, and hear their messages for you.  The experience is always enjoyable, safe and exciting as you gain your own Higher greater perspective back, as Higher Self always delivers the information in the most pleasant and enjoyable ways so that you can get the most out your experience.

You also get to listen to your recording as many times as you like, in fact it’s best to listen to it over and over again as each time you experience yourself you can draw more out of it.  

Discovering Awareness Through Time

 Light of Love by Jai Jagdeesh (lyrics)

I will climb into your ocean,

I will sail onto your shore.

I will breathe in your magnificence
And never ask for more.

I will be as I was written,

courage on every page
I will carve this life with every breath

a sage of every age. 

I will turn up the fountain and

fill this world with bliss
I will sing a song of joyful love and merge

into your kiss.

And I will stumble into

beauty recognizing that it’s me

I will open up my heart and surrender onto thee!

Onto Thee!

 I am the child, I am the mother,

I am your bride and your lover 
I am everything great and small
I am the one, I am it all  (2x)
I am the light of love

I will dive into each moment because I’ll die as I was born.

 I will walk this world with easing grace and flirt with the unknown
I will find the gift in everything, perfection in every way. 

I will bow at the altar of this and every day. 

I can promise not to feel some fear or to always understand. 

But I’ll be the change I wish to see I will hold every hand 

I am tangled up in beauty I see clearly that’s it me.

 I have opened up my heart

I am the child, I am the mother,

I am your bride and your lover
I am everything great and small
I am the one, I am it all  (2x)
I am the light of love  (5x )

"Awareness exists throughout time"

Through all the lives that we have lived.