What is Presence?

Presence is the observation of self, reflected in the world.  The illusion perpetuated by the mind in its entirety.  As it sees itself it understands illusion, drama and chooses stillness.  Presence chooses itself unlike the mind that chooses duality. Presence looks not to identity but to allow the existence of all that surrounds it without judgement, without affectance, attachment.  Presence has no affectance is not affected by the world but holds space for all to reveal itself. That it is nothing like the past. The world like a child seeks attention, it seeks itself but cannot find itself as it belongs to the past, and what is the past…but gone.

It seeks to define and redefine itself but never coming to a conclusion, a definition with or for itself, always revolving around the “I” which appears to be seeking change, growth, education, doing but is never satisfied.  Unlike presence, it continues to “need”.

Presence is already full. Presence only deepens like a wave and as it deepens it comes to rest in all senses, resting the body, resting the mind, resting the emotions.  And each become full and satisfied, not by impermanence, but by permanence.  Nourished and whole, it is complete onto itself no longer participating in the “abstract” world but fully engaged with Soul, no longer preoccupied with life or living but the resting in its own fullness, bathing in itself, centered, aligned, unattached as it ever was and ever will be.  It nourishes every aspect of your life as directed by Soul.

 Surrendering need not be Defeat!    


When one comes to the realization that what is being reached for is out of our grasp, surrender could feel completely like giving up or even worse; resorting to defeat!    What is it in us that would make us view surrender as the last possible act when it should be the first.   What have we been made to believe in letting go that would make us hold on even more or cause us to struggle in every way affecting every relationship in a negative way?   Our bodies are made to flow, connecting all of its parts to work as a whole. Our minds try to separate and dissect us pretending to be able to make sense of it all.     If the mind could understand the body, we would have conquered aging, disease, poverty and many other issues a long time ago!   So why does the mind resist so, when surrender could be the very thing the body needs, acknowledging its' own wisdom of flow to come to a place of well-being!

Our bodies speak to us every day, through pain, fear, and emotion like sadness and disappointment. All these are expressed by the body when the body tries to tell us that the mind is working against us! The truth is always there, but we often prefer to ignore the signs and rationalize everything staying only in the mind and letting others take care of the rest of us, putting all of our hopes and wishes upon them and if they fail, we fail. We have no one recourse! Blame becomes shame and then parts of us die believing there is no hope at all!  

We are unlimited, vast and unexplored beings and obviously have a lot to say about what we need. So why not start listening or find someone who can help you understand your body and learn to listen to it so it can reveal its own path of healing and hopefully unlock the key to not only feeling good but to find answers that you've might have been waiting for a long time!