The Center for Universal Love and Enlightenment's purpose is to offer
Courses and classes, and share the new models for living and for understanding life through the process of Bio-Synthesis.

Tammy received her Soul Purpose in 1984 after experiencing her second NDE and returned as a change agent helping people to raise their vibration and clear blockages. 

Her mission is to assist in the bio-genetic reprogramming and facilitate the anchoring of each's soul mission according to the directives of the Planetary Logo and Ascended Masters and as guided by her Higher Self. Tammy directly streams information from Source and now is often embodying her Higher Self to guide the evenings, breaking myths and challenging the field of emotional wellness.

In 2016 I received the 1st phase of the project which was published and titled

"Protocol for A New Earth - Teachings From The Tree". The new directives for body/mind integration and synthesis were received through the Planetary Logo and directed through the Ascended Masters and have been integrated into my physical practice since.  These teachings are shared through classes, courses, and seminars offered through the Center of Universal Love.

My intention is to bring awareness and change through kindness and love and support and Enlightenment of the mind and body.

This movement is a new earth movement a new way that has come forward.  Every day that we are here we are going to work together to engineer our bodies to hold the energies of your higher Self.

The New
Earth is a wakeup call – to a life of service!  


Universe's Best Kept Secret

I would like to remind you of a teaching that was completely forgotten and through time disappeared from our awareness!  This teaching is directly associated with our most basic role as biological beings on the planet and the most important reason why we are here. We are here because of our biological design, because of the way we were created, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!  We were genetically engineered to support Gaia to move into her next phase of evolution.

This is a very important time in our history, our total history where many questions will be answered and real help, real awakening comes!  The awakening to the truth of our being, what we are and what we are really doing here, this knowledge will change everything we have known about ourselves.  The awakening has begun and with more and more people understanding their life, their reason to be, attention will be given to what is purposeful and we will leave the world of confusion and end the perceptions we hold that limit and delay our greatness. 

What if I were to say to you that we are the ones who have disempowered ourselves, we are the ones that have fallen from grace and now are awakening to our heritage, to our rightful inheritance. We are returning home!

What you didn't know about your Feelings!

We consider most if not half of our feelings threatening and that the general feeling is that they should be avoided, rejected, projected and denied because of their inappropriateness!  For thousands of years, we have coped, strategized. manipulated, hoped, wished, planned for success.  We have medicated ourselves and distracted ourselves through every means to get by, but it hasn't worked. Why?  Because we've only tried to get rid of them and run away from our interpretation of misery and despair. 

We've been so conditioned by rules and norms and we don't even see how all of it has disempowered and makes us feel small, vulnerable, afraid in ways we aren't even aware.  We've continued to depend and put our trust in those who have not healed their hearts, who have not understood their lives, who they are and what we are all doing here. 

We've been strengthening our minds for thousands of years, why don't we have a more developed brain? Why haven't we solved common feelings like depression and suicide? 

We cannot be truly alive until we feel.  Feelings are a passage to self, the keys to eternity and bliss, it's time now to expand our perceptions of pain, sorrow, fear and all of those in between.

Were you aware that fear can run through you and ignite your passion, opening your heart and mind?  Anxiety is the fire of purification, burning up the old and sadness is your deepest expression of love and caring.  Let yourselves rise into the bliss, the height of all that you have experienced.

It's time to drop the coping, suppression, and controlling ourselves and everything.  These are what has been passed down from generation to generation!   We numbed ourselves. Whatever we think or believe, we live our lives according to how we feel.  One can fool the mind but never the body!  If our goal is to live as one then we must be as one within!
Passivity leads to feelings of numbness and helplessness because we tolerate, cope and control.  None of these frees the heart, mind, body or spirit. 

This knowledge came from my Higher Self through the Protocol for the New Earth - Teachings from the Tree!  And was shared with me because we have suffered the greatest misunderstanding; That we are powerless because of our feelings!   Sure they can be when directed into the field of negativity! Our feelings offer us the magnetic ability to move life!   We are powerful beyond belief once we harness the power of our feelings! 

We have mistaken ourselves,  taken ourselves all wrong.  If we numb or control our feelings, we keep all that energy locked in, dying, having no place to go, it dissolves into the body emotionally, mentally and physically.  Our power comes with feeling life fully, not running after feelings!

Living in fear of your own feelings, only limits your life and your expression in it. What if I told you that feelings are supposed to be life-giving and not life-threatening!  What if I told you that by staying in the dark about our well-spring of power and energy will only continue to disempower ourselves and keep ourselves from our accessing our greatest fear...our SELF!